1960   Maserati   3500 GT Spyder

Mittarilukema: 124922 km
Käyttövoima: bensiini
Vaihteisto: manuaali
Väri: metalli-punainen
Korimalli: avoauto

This particular example is a Spyder from 1960 and is thus fitted with disc front brakes, a significant improvement over the all around drums of earlier cars. The car also has the simpler and more reliable Weber carburetors, which also bring their famous induction noise to an already sweet soundtrack. The car is also fitted with the desirable 5-speed transmission and Borrani wire wheels, which were

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Hinta:     15 000 € 

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Paikkakunta:   Pohjois-Pohjanmaa
Puh.: 44623824
Sähköposti: gak_gt35(at)

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